It’s all in the logo

Today I walked across town with my head uncharacteristically down. I was searching for the ultimate Helsinki City coat of arms (logo) to use somewhere on this blog. I found many different examples of manhole covers on my walk.

Here you can see Helsinki’s coat of arms: a boat on the water, with crown above. This cover is for a water main. There was reflective pond close by which I presume this belonged to. I took this in the Munkkisaari district where the bulk of the larger cruise ships berth in summer time, and also the site of Helsinki Shipyard, where many cruise ships have been build in years past.

Manhole cover in the lawn?! Why not…

I walked a little further and found this cover with 125. Closer inspection reveals that it was for the 125th anniversary of the Helsinki water board in 2001.

Old manhole cover?

Some considerable time later, on Esplanadi, I came across one that looked considerably newer, although the anniversary was the 450th.

High traffic area!

It was a very pleasant day for a walk, even if my head was down for most of it. The centre of Helsinki is very easy to navigate by foot. A word of warning: many footpaths are shared with cycling paths – remember to look behind you before crossing (they don’t always ring their bells as they are passing).

Building department