Fun Stuff!

In preparation for the big relaunch of the webpage (less than a week to go!), it was high time I went through and made sure the links down the side work properly. The old and outdated ones are gone, and currently all links are sending you to the right address!

I thought it might be a nice touch to have some Fun Stuff! as well 🙂 The first link I have added is the “Finngenerator” (or how to find your inner Finn!) from

Heather’s Helsinki as per the Finngenerator ❤


My real name translates to Kukka (flower) Vettenranta (water coast) and if I use Heather Helsinki my new name will be Inari (wild lake in Lapland) Niittymäki (meadow hill).

My name also got the inner Finn work over 😉

Find your Finnish name from here! Have a go and let me know in the comments what we should start calling you from now on!

Author: Heather

From Hobart to Helsinki :) This transplanted Taswegian is (among other things) an entrepreneur, a food guide, a wife & mother, the walker of dogs, perpetual student of the Finnish language and occasional blogger!

Feedback is always welcome. Go ahead, have your say!

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