… not the food type though!

The makeover that began in 2021 continues into 2022. Now, finally after quite a few false starts, I have a clear vision of what I want the blog to say and share 😉

So it’s time to get typing and recategorising. If you visit over the next few days (or weeks) you will notice new menu items both ☝ and 👇. It may take some time to get everything lined up though… so I appreciate your patience 🥰

Just a note about today’s featured image: these are food type menus from our COVID cooking times! Savvy restaurants that sent us on our way with good food, clear instructions, wine pairings and more (like Spotify playlists 😘). Among the many we tried, Finnjävel / Ultima and Demo were on our repeat list!

Author: Heather

From Hobart to Helsinki :) This transplanted Taswegian is (among other things) an entrepreneur, a food guide, a wife & mother, the walker of dogs, perpetual student of the Finnish language and occasional blogger!

Feedback is always welcome. Go ahead, have your say!

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