What does Finland mean to you?

To my valued followers, I’d like to explain my absence. Over summer I enrolled in a short course at the Helsinki Summer School, which in turn inspired me to continue my studies. Subsequently I’ve enrolled in studies that will assist me in my long-term goals. Short term it means that I’m a little strapped for time to write all the blogs that I’d like to. My aim is to get back to two posts per week by the end of October.

Now I’d like to ask your help with a little research project I need to run for one of our travel courses. In a nutshell: what does Finland mean to you as a destination?

Feel free to comment below. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. I’m interested in how you see my adopted home as a destination, whether it’s for a day, a week, a month!

Please mention if you have visited Finland previously and it would be especially helpful if you could briefly note how your ‘visit experience’ rated against your expectations. I’m quite keen to hear your opinion of Finland.

In the mean time while your gather your thoughts, here are some random shots I took in and around Finland this summer.

Is it a car? No! Bicycle rack in downtown Helsinki…
Summer delights from Åland
Cinema tickets, island style!
Night of the Cats: Action at the zoo (after dark!)
Bird on a stone!
Summer flags
Åland sunset