Autumn 2018: Part 1

I tweeted this picture earlier in the week as a precursor to my autumn posting! In case you are wondering, yes there are some filters involved – my phone’s camera now has a ‘pro’ mode 😉

Looking back towards Helsinki (click on the pictures for a full screen experience!)

We were sitting on the rocks of an island out in the Helsinki / Sipoo archipelago, enjoying what is colloquially known as the last weekend of summer (no matter what the weather is!). After the sun went down, the mökki owners lit their bonfires, and all around us these beacons bid farewell to summer. At least one place sent up a few fireworks as well!

Now the days grow shorter everyday (and it’s quite noticeable!) and our thoughts turn to autumn. I won’t admit to a favourite season – it’s possible to find something great about the weather, no matter what time of the year it is. I will concede however, that autumn does have more than a few things going for it!

  • Mushrooms and foraging for mushrooms! Beware though: there are some poisonous mushrooms in the Finnish forest: a must to take with you is a well illustrated guide book!
  • The Habitare show (Interior, Design & Furniture) at the Messukeskus – a truly wonderful happening where you can get your fill of Nordic & Scandinavian design (young and old, modern & traditional). This year it’s on 12-16th September, and the theme is Roots. Highly recommended for inspiration!
  • We get a little bit of ruska (the colour change of leaves at autumn) in southern Finland, although if you want to experience the true beauty: head north!
Even my own garden has a touch of Ruska
  • Berries! June, July and August are usually prime months for garden berries, and if you are looking for a great strawberry, nothing beats a Finnish strawberry! Either hand picked by yourself, or freshly packed from the market place. Autumn is when our really tasty berries arrive! Sea buckthorn / tyrni; rowanberry / pihjala; lingonberry / puolukka – these are all ripe for picking in the autumn.
Sea buckthorn – a vitamin C bomb!
  • A personal favourite are the lovely crisp mornings! We haven’t had any frost in southern Finland (yet!) – it’s just a matter of time now.

    So still! So crisp!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more autumn tips: things to do, places to go and people to meet as I share my comings and goings with you!


Safe travels!




Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

This week’s photo challenge raises that rare dilemma: which pictures to choose?! I actually hit the pavements early yesterday morning and collected some very nice paving and cobblestone pictures. Then I remembered our visit to Galerie Anhava earlier in the summer. The artist in question was Pe Lang and the exhibition name was Moving Objects. The Engineer suggested that we visit this, and as soon as we entered the space I could see why! Lots of lines and patterns, moving, creating and recreating continually.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All the items were constructed from electrical components, paper, magnets, cord and copper wire. No 502-519 was my favourite. It was so mesmerising, I could have watched the magnets floating up and down for hours. The Engineer was very taken with No 809, and even went so far as to find out how much it was. Needless to say, it was just a little out of our reach. Still, no harm in dreaming 🙂

Galerie Anhava is very centrally located and can be found here:

For information on current exhibitions and opening times,  visit Galerie Anhava.

For more interpretations of Lines to Patterns check out the comments on the weekly photo challenge post.

Disclosure note: The first time I visited Galerie Anhava was in 2009, for an exhibition called Contemporary Now. One of the exhibitors at that show (Shoji Kato) is a good friend of my mother-in-law. It’s a really nice cool spot to drop in to see the work of up and coming artists.

Taste of Helsinki 2013…

…is coming sooner than you think!

I missed the inaugural Taste last year. Bad timing and bad organisation. Not this year. We have tickets and I’ve been scouring the menu trying to create my ultimate night out. I think dessert will be ‘SALT-CARAMEL CAKE with pine fudge and rhubarb’ from Juuri, and starter is looking more and more like ‘ORGANIC BEEF CARPACCIO, beetroot aioli and juicy salad’ from Bistro O mat. Main course is causing me all sorts of difficulties – there are 12 really great options and while I can’t try them all, I think I should make a decision before I get there 🙂

So, what is Taste of Helsinki? I hear you ask. As per their own site it’s a gourmet food and beverage festival, a boutique picnic, a journey! Where else can you sample the best of Finnish Food and be entertained at the same time? Here is a really good guide to the Taste which as well as being informative, is also really easy to read!

As I type this, the clock is ticking. Only 1 day, 12 hours, 39 minutes and a few seconds to go! Actually for me it will be a little more as we will be heading to the dinner session on Thursday night. Either way, as I mentioned, it’s just around the corner!

The clock is still ticking

Now, if you are wondering why I insist on abbreviating the title to the Taste, well that stems from attending what is now called The Taste Festival in my home city of Hobart, Tasmania. It’s been running for 24 years already and is known just as the Taste. Old habits really do die hard.

In the meantime, I’ll be reporting back after I’ve enjoyed my own Taste of Helsinki!