Welcome to (my) Helsinki!

Is this your first visit to Helsinki? If so, congratulations and welcome to my adopted home town. Whether you are returning for the second time or the twenty second time, welcome back. Either way, I hope that I can make your visit here just that little more special.

Firstly a little about me: Tasmanian born and bred, I transplanted myself to Helsinki in 2002. Ten years later I decided that 2012 would be the year to stop talking and start doing. It still took another 12 months before I stepped on to the road of entrepreneurial glory! Since then I’ve been showcasing Helsinki like it’s never been shown before!

As a self-employed business owner the line between work-life and personal-life sometimes gets a little blurred 😉 So it is with the blog! You’ll notice I use a very personal tone – imagine that we are sitting in a café or better still on the back terrace of my rivitalo and you ask about things to do or where to go? These are my answers.

If I use a Finnish word it will be in italics. I make generous use of links, and they will always open in a new page (so you won’t lose your place on the blog!). If you find a link is broken, please drop me a line using the comment field at the end of each post. I try and keep up with these things… but sometimes something will slip through the cracks 😉

So without further ado: are you wondering what to do? where to go? what’s good? what should be approached with care? dare I say it: what’s bad?!  where to go to find a good book? or a cheap book? or where is there good coffee on a cold wet Sunday afternoon? (I know!) what interesting things will you be able to see and do if you hop off the number 3 tram at Olympialaituri?

I’m going to help you navigate the cobbled streets of Helsinki and trust that you will take away some great memories and quite possibly the odd  souvenir or two.

This is a work in progress, so please follow the blog to ensure you get regular updates and also see the changes: links, photos, and events.

Hei Hei! Bye!


Version # 01 / 24.5.2012
Version # 02 / 31.8.2018

Feedback is always welcome. Go ahead, have your say!

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